The Name Behind the Name.™

Equius Group, via our Easylodge Infrastructure Services division, offers a “finance company in a box” structured programme that is unique to Australia in the non-mortgage finance industry. This outsourced infrastructure, including a full ASIC credit provider’s licence, is available via our Virtual.Lender™ service.  This service allows financial institutions or product/service vendors seeking to vendor finance, who don’t have their own expertise or local operational capabilities to provide credit to their customers by utilising our infrastructure.  The following services are offered as part of our Virtual.Lender™ programme:

  • ASIC Australian Credit Provider’s Licence
  • ASIC approved credit provider processes, systems manuals & documentation
  • Credit policy creation & maintenance (rules, scorecards, regression analysis)
  • Product specifications (motor vehicle, business equipment, consumer finance, etc.)
  • Credit contracts & associated documentation
  • Distribution network (The Easylodge Community™), some 24,000+ strong and growing
  • Easylodge® origination platform for your own distribution network
  • Origination & pre-funding finance verification services
  • Funding services
  • Loan management services (repayments, customer service, statements, etc.)
  • EasyTrack™ loan management platform
  • Arrears management
  • Treasury services

Virtual.Lender™ draws from the experience, expertise, systems, processes and industry leading infrastructure to deliver a whole of business service to our clients.  Easylodge Infrastructure Services becomes your finance partner, managing the entire credit lifecycle, indeed your entire credit business, on your behalf, under your direction, with you gaining the direct benefit of a highly profitable finance business.

For a confidential discussion, please contact us or call us on 02 4002 4200 or internationally on  +61 2 4002 4200.

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