Islamic Lending

Shariah Compliant Sukuk for Islamic Communities.”

You are committed to delivering Shariah compliant lending products to your customers. You have the funds to enter the market, yet you require systems, expertise and infrastructure to deliver on your Islamic Banking vision.

Equius, through our Easylodge Infrastructure Services division, understands the unique requirements of delivering financial products and services within Shariah principles. Our uniquely developed processes, systems and infrastructure can accommodate Islamic Banking principles into your existing systems, delivering strong performance, excellent return on investment and appropriate cultural sensitivities.

A current client is Australia’s leading provider of Sharia compliant consumer mortgage and motor vehicle loans.  We have developed specific software, calculators, processes and methodologies to support their go to market in Australia, all the while maintaining the competitive advantage delivered by EasyLodge.

We call this the Easylodge Advantage.™

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