Pathways to Success in Australia.

We know lending.  We know the Australian market.  We have the systems, sales network and a track record of success.

Want to enter the Australian lending market?  Don’t know where to start?  Equius is your Australian partner, providing all the necessary elements you require in order to launch into the Australian market, including Australia’s largest distribution network (24,000+ members & growing) and Australia’s most advanced credit systems.

Australia is viewed as being a stable, profitable and therefore desirable place for international finance organisations to enter the market.  A recent IBM Banking Services white paper, “No Bank is An Island – Get Global Before Globalization Gets You”, noted:

“Globalization will open new windows of opportunity and unleash potential new threats, pushing banks beyond today’s boundaries. And, while many feel unprepared, the reality is that no bank – big or small – can opt out of globalization.”
IBM Global Business Services Report .

Equius Group, via our Easylodge Infrastructure Services division, offers the infrastructure, expertise, credit license, as well as ready-made distribution network already in place, to partner with an international Bank/NBFI in order for them to enter the Australian market.  This infrastructure, including a full ASIC credit provider’s licence, is available via our Australia.Delivered™ service, allowing financial institutions to enter the Australian market quickly, efficiently and highly effectively utilising our infrastructure.  The following services are offered as part of our Virtual.Lender™ programme:

  • ASIC Australian Credit Provider’s Licence
  • ASIC approved credit provider processes, systems manuals & documentation
  • Credit policy creation & maintenance (rules, scorecards, regression analysis)
  • Product specifications (motor vehicle, business equipment, consumer finance, etc.)
  • Credit contracts & associated documentation
  • Distribution network (The Easylodge Community™), some 24,000+ strong and growing
  • Easylodge® origination platform for your own distribution network
  • EasyTrack® loan management platform
  • Origination & pre-funding finance verification services
  • Funding services
  • Loan management services (repayments, customer service, statements, etc.)
  • Arrears management
  • Treasury services

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